Local Minot Florist Lowe’s Floral on Cutting Edge of Sympathy Trends

by lowes on February 27, 2010

Lowe’s Floral, your florist delivering flowers in Minot, ND remains on top of the trends in Sympathy flowers and funeral flowers. Responding to the changes in traditions honoring our deceased loved ones, Lowe’s Floral has begun offering new personalizations to family members and friends. In response to the lessening demand for the gold glittered lettering commonly know as “script” which includes words like “dad,” “grandma,” “brother,” and “aunt,” we have begun asking for more stories and memories during sympathy planning consultations. The more we get to know about person we are helping to honor, the more personal we can make the funeral arrangements.

Personalizations can include the use of personal items in a sympathy bouquet like golf clubs and a golf glove or hat for a friend or family member who was an avid golfer. For gardeners, we often sugguest using the departed’s trowel or other garden tools in the funeral bouquet. For hunters we have incorporated anlters and feathers to make the flowers more representative of the hobbies and tastes of the individual.

We still offer script for those families that traditionally prefer it, and we still offer an extensive line of floral bouquets for sympathy and funerals on our website at www.lowesfloral.com.

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