When do I plant bulbs?

by lowes on June 28, 2010

There are spring planted and fall planted bulbs, depending on the bulb crop you were looking to raise. Tulips, hyacinth, Allium, Crocus, Daffodils, all flower in early spring and are all planted in the late fall before a frost. These bulbs are all cued into blooming by temperature changes. They require a period of cooling (over the winter in the ground) to trigger flowering in the summer.
Dahlias, Gladiolas, Lilies, Shallots, and Onions are all planted in the early spring thru late spring. They all bloom in mid to late summer or produce food crops in the late summer to early fall.
Forced bulbs, like the beautiful spring bulb gardens sold in our Floral Shop, are “pre cooled” to be forced in to bloom indoors. These include paper whites, daffodils, and hyacinth. These allow you to get a jump on your gardening indoors in a bright sunny location.

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