Does Lowe’s Floral have any guarantee if I buy a tree, plant it myself and it dies?

by kgeyer on July 20, 2010

Lowe’s Garden Center and Floral does offer a guarantee on all regular priced trees and shrubs, even if you buy it and plant it yourself.  The guarantee is basically this:  All our high quality, Northern Grown Nursery plant materials should grow during the season in which they are planted and come back the next year.  If you purchase a tree or shrub in the spring and it dies before the fall, there is a 100% product guarantee.  If the shrub or tree doesn’t over winter, ie. it does not come back the following spring, there is a 50% product guarantee. 

The same is true in the fall, if you plant a tree or shrub in the fall that you purchased at regular price; it is guaranteed 100% through the next spring and 50% through the next fall. 

The dates and terms of all of our guarantees are in writing and can be found on the back of your tree and shrub receipt.  This is the only copy of this receipt and it is necessary for replacement, credit, or refund.


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