Keeping Christmas Trees Fresh

by kgeyer on December 1, 2010

Nothing makes a home feel like Christmas is here than the sight and scent of a fresh cut Christmas tree!  Much like fresh cut, there are three major secrets to keeping  fresh cut Christmas trees:

  1. water daily
  2. Water daily

Always keep water in the stand holding your fresh cut Christmas tree at all times.  The cut end of a all trees in the pine and spruce family will produce a plug of sap as a defence mechanism to stop it from loosing water.  This sap plug  or callus can form in as little as two hours. 

There is also a commercial product called “Keeps-It Green” which can be added to the tree’s water to increase the longevity of thre tree by providing nutrients and superior water retention.  This keeps the tree looking fresher longer, slows needle drop and decreases the risk of fire.  This solution is very similar to the flower food packet you recieve when you get fresh cut flowers.

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