How often should I fertilize my flower beds?

by lowes on March 25, 2011

Q. How often should I fertilize my flower beds?
A. Flower beds, garden plots and even container gardens (patio pots) need fertilizer at two critical times each year. When you first turn the soil in preparation for plating a flower bed or garden plot you can add well rotted manure (organic) or spread a balanced formula garden food (10-10-10). In containers use MiracleGro Shake ‘n Feed, which a time release version of classic MiracleGro. All of these methods provide continuous feeding while your plants get started. The single most important thing about fertilizer is that you read and follow package directions. In the middle of the growing season you can begin using Miracle Grow with the convenient hose attachment when you water or replenish the fertilizer in the beds or pots with a granular time release fertilizer like Preen Weed Preventer Plus Fertilizer. Stop using fertilizers as fall approaches.


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