Common Questions: Should I use skim milk to wipe off the leaves of my houseplants?

by lowes on May 23, 2011

I was invite to speak to the Minot Headstart educators during their end of year in service meeting. It was a great time interacting with the group and they had great questions!

This was the most unique question I had ever recieved during a talk: “Should I use skim milk to wipe off the leaves of my houseplants?,” asked a woman in the audience. I asked what the intent was. Was she trying to remove dust and water spots or was this medicinal in some way. She had been told this was the best possible way to clean the leaves.

All I could think about was the smell of sour milk whafting from my houseplants. So in answer to her actual question “What is the best way to keep my houseplant leaves clean?,” I will let everyone in on an amazing secret. Pokon company (a housplant care products manufacturer) makes a spray and walk away leaf shine. It’s that easy to use. Spray and walk away. No wiping necessary unless your plants are super dusty or water spotted. Pokon Leaf Shine rocks! There is also Pokon Silk Flower Cleaner. Again, spray and walk away. Both are great convenience products allowing you to spend less time caring for houseplants and more time enjoying them.



1 Holly Mawby May 24, 2011 at 5:48 am

This is SO funny. Having been in the horticulture business for 33 years – I can remember dutifully wiping the leaves of houseplants to shine and clean them with skim milk before taking them to the state fair. This one has been around a LONG time – most likely longer than you’ve been alive! You’re right, the Pokon leaf shine is a wonderful thing. Pokon has also been around a long time so you can count on the fact that it is safe and effective. You can’t beat a product that lets you spray and walk away!

2 lowes May 25, 2011 at 12:47 pm

Kim was just telling me the same thing after she read my post last night. I remember how happy I was the day they invented the spray and walk away Pokon Leaf Shine! The previous version was a mixture of oil, water and a mild cleanser that you would spray on and wipe off every single leaf. Fine on a rubber tree, awful on a ficus!

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