Your Bouquet Could Have Been 40% Bigger!

The person who sent you flowers sent you one of the most beautiful living gifts and whatever the occasion we hope you enjoy them!  We thought we should let you know that the sender could have gotten more flowers and spent less in service charges by buying directly from Lowe's Floral.

Here's how that math works:

Let's assume for a second that you got a $60.00 bouquet including the delivery.  The company that took the order charged a service fee on top of the flowers.  That service fee can range anywhere from $11.99-$24.99.  The industry standard for online florists seems to be about $18.00.

Service fees are never sent to the florist who actually makes your bouquet.  

The florist who made the arrangement is allowed to deduct their normal delivery fee.

So instead of getting an $71.99 bouquet or a $84.99 bouquet you got $50.00.  This means that your bouquet could have been 23%-50% larger for the same money the sender spent!  

You can order directly from Lowe's Floral here on our website or by telephone at 701/839-2000.