Local florist, James Lowe, AIFD, Teaches in Minneapolis

by lowes on June 7, 2010

Last week your local floral artist James L. Lowe, AIFD, CFD was teaching at the Institute of Floristry located inside Koehler & Dramm Wholesale Florist in Minneapolis, MN. This was Lowe’s second class for the IOF. It was well attended and students were a combination of both professionals currently in the industry, career changers, and persons who arrange purely for pleasure. This diversity allows for a unique exchange between the students and individually between student and teacher.

Teaching about his new passion, photographing fresh flowers and designing for the camera. Floral designs created specifically for photography are different than arrangements for other occasions. The camera only sees in two dimensions not three like the human eye. Designing for photos, therefore, takes a different sense of proportion and a different use of color than other designs. Colors that are dark appear to recede into the background of the photo versus brighter, lighter colors. Lines that overlap in the real arrangement can appear messy or confusing in a picture.

The class consists of both a lecture portion talking about proper equipment and proper photography techniques and then moves to a practical design class. Each student creates one or more designs based on the Principles and Elements of Design and on the tips and techniques outlined in the lecture. Students then place their design in front of a photo background, under full photographic lighting and view it through the camera’s eye. Adjustments are made, if necessary, and photographs are taken to be shared during a review with the whole group.

Lowe’s full professional biography can be viewed on the Lowe’s Floral Website at http://www.lowesfloral.com/info/james-lowe


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