Keeping a Live Christmas Tree Fresh

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Nothing makes a home feel like Christmas is here than the sight and scent of a fresh cut Christmas tree!  Much like fresh cut, there are three major secrets to keeping  fresh cut Christmas trees:

  1. water daily
  2. Water daily

Always keep water in the stand holding your fresh cut Christmas tree at all times.  The cut end of a all trees in the pine and spruce family will produce a plug of sap as a defense mechanism to stop it from loosing water.  This sap plug  or callus can form in as little as two hours. 

There is also a commercial product called "Keeps-It Green" which can be added to the tree's water to increase the longevity of the tree by providing nutrients and superior water retention.  This keeps the tree looking fresher longer, slows needle drop and decreases the risk of fire.  This solution is very similar to the flower food packet you receive when you get fresh cut flowers. 

Commercial Christmas tree food works far better than any other home remedy.  The top three home remedies that don't work are:

  • sugar soda pop in the tree stand instead of water
  • aspirin tablets in the water
  • bleach in the water

None of these is a good alternative to commercial Christmas tree food because each is only part of the ideal solution.  A tree needs clean clear water with the biocide in tree food helps with.  It needs a mild sugar to act as food which tree food has and it needs a mild acid like citric acid to help water rush up the stem faster. 

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