So you're celebrating Christmas at home, but don't have the space for a full size live tree, or Grandma just moved to an Assisted Living Center and you want to send some christmas cheer, but she has no space, or maybe you have a student at college at Minot State University and you want to send them a little Christmas cheer for their dorm room... what do you do???  The following are some great gift ideas for exactly this situation.

Norfolk Island Pine

Norfolks are great for small spaces.  is a slow-growing tree with stiff branches covered with needles. It is best to grow this plant standing alone to ensure symetrical growth. The plant will grow about one set of new branches per year.At the same time the lower branches will continue to grow larger.  They can be decorated with small ornaments, bows, beaded garlands and more to be miniature fresh Chirstmas trees.

Small Permanent Chistmas Tree

A petite permantent or "silk"Christmas tree is the perfect gift someone without a lot room.  They are available as a pre-lit or un-lit item and can be decorated in a limitless variety of ways.  The secret to decorating a small Christmas tree is making sure the ornaments are the right size and also making sure to balance the weight of the ornaments on all sides of the tree.  Small trees have a smaller base than normal artificial trees to, and can be easily tipped over of they are decorated too heavily on one side. 


Poinsettias come in a variety of sizes including our Locally Grown, Locally Lowe's decorator size.  This

Chistmas Cactus

Fresh Flowers