Emerald Ash Borer Alert!

  • DO NOT plant Ash Trees
  • DO NOT move firewood; Buy where you plan to burn
Lowe’s Garden Center and Nursery does not recommend Ash Tree since 2009 and will not because of the imminent threat of the Emerald Ash Borer. The Borer is not yet in North Dakota but is confirmed in Minnesota and Ontario, Canada. The insect has killed tens of millions of trees across Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Quebec and Ontario. 
The Emerald Ash Borer is a beetle’s young feed on the inside bark of the Ash Tree. The destruction of this tender layer stops the trees ability to drink up water and nutrients and kills the tree. 
To help slow the spread of the Emerald Ash Borer do not plant any Ash Trees and do not transport any firewood. If you buy firewood, buy it near where you plan to burn it. 
If you have an Ash Tree on your property or in your yard, you do not need to cut it down immediately. The tree and shrub experts at Lowe’s recommend that you plant two additional shade trees immediately to get them growing. Adding two new trees to your property early will help keep your yard and home shaded and cool when your Ash Tree eventually dies.
Lowe’s Garden Center and Nursery has stopped recommending Ash Trees at all of its location including its Minot, Bismarck, Mandan, Bottineau, Williston, Hazen, Harvey, Stanly, Washburn and Dickinson greenhouses.