Thank you for selecting Lowe’s Floral and Gardens for the design of your wedding florals! Our wedding team of professional designers is ready to put our 50+ years of combined experience to work for you! We excel in translating your beautiful wedding dreams into fresh and fabulous floral designs for your special day! From the opulent, formal affair to the sweet and sentimental ceremony, Lowe’s Floral and Garden Center will assist you!


To view some of our wdding bouqet selections click the picture below:

Book Early!! As soon as you set your wedding date, book your special day with us. A modest deposit of will reserve your date on our busy wedding calendar.  This "Save the Date Fee" is payable during your consultation. This fee will be credited back to you when we order your wedding flowers but will not be refunded should you cancel your arrangements with us.

Make an appointment for a consultation allowing a comfortable timetable to work within. A consultation scheduled one year to 6 months before your wedding usually works well for most brides. Please feel free to invite your fiancé or a guest to accompany you. Plan on 1 to 1 1/2 hours for the consultation; bring the attached organizational sheet, and any pictures, swatches, or other materials you have gathered. We look forward to answering all your questions and advising you on style, availability, and color choices as well as any budget concerns you may have. Plus, we’ll pass on many ideas for making your wedding day a relaxed and memorable event. If you find you are running late or must reschedule please give us a courtesy call at 701-839-2000 for rescheduling.

Save The Date

A save the date fee of  75.00 dollars is due at the time of the consultation to hold your date open in our busy wedding calendar.  This is a non refundable fee.


Revisions are normal, expected and will be addressed one month before your wedding. Keep a running list as the weeks go by, and your consultant will call you 30 days prior to your wedding day to revise your order. There is no fee for this, however, additional revisions may be charged per incident.


Payments are scheduled as 1/3 of the proposal total at the time the quote is accepted.  1/3 halfway between the wedding date and the proposal date and the remainder paid in full two weeks before the wedding.

Have an idea and get organized… but leave the details to the professionals! It takes proper planning to accomplish all the items on your “to do” list, but stressing over unrealistic expectations should be avoided! Entrusting your professional florist, cake decorator, photographer, and reception manager to take care of the details for you will allow them creative license to make your event unique and will free you up to enjoy the process! Please see the attached sheet to help you get organized before your consultation.

Work within your budget! Make some decisions early in the planning process as to where to focus your budget. The bride, her gown, and flowers are the highlight of the day and should be given the highest priority! For example, in order for a bride to carry the premium Calla Lilies she loves in her bouquet, she may decide against lavish party favors for her guests at the reception. Each wedding is truly unique and Lowe’s customizes your wedding florals to work within your budget. Locally, weddings average about 500 to 5,000 dollars, but may range from 10,000 to 300,000 dollars depending on the scope of the event.

Fresh flowers are perishable! Your wedding flowers are treated with TLC from the moment they are cut at the grower until they leave our shop. Exposing your flowers to sunshine, wind, heat, or cold will have a negative effect on their performance. Handle with care, keep them cool, and they will reflect the beauty of the day from your walk down the aisle till you rush for the limo…honeymoon bound!

Call 701-839-2000 for more information.

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