• Fourth generation family business
  • Incorporated in the State of North Dakota
  • Founded in 1929
  • Includes Landscape Nursery, Retail Nursery, Retail Greenhouse, Wholesale Greenhouse, and a Garden Center
  • Managed by Philip Lowe, President and General Manager



The Whole Story:

Lowe's Inc. DBA Lowe's Garden Center has been serving the Minot, ND community with fresh flowers, green and blooming plants, trees, shrubs, and locally grown vegetable and bedding plants for over 80 years.  It sprang out of Lowe's Grocery which was located in what is now the Ice Box on the corner of 3rd St NW and 1st Ave in Minot.  Jim Lowe, one of the Lowe children, along with his wife Clarice began growing fresh produce to provide for the store.  Later a "pick your own" vegetable stand was added. From fresh vegetables to bedding plants was an easy transition for Clarice and Jim, who ran Lowe's Gardens as a seasonal business.


Their son Philip Lowe and his wife Jennifer purchased the business in 1975 and turned it into its current business form by adding the Floral Division, the Nursery and Landscape Department and the Garden Center.  Two years later the couple moved to the caretakers cottage on the property and Jim and Clarice moved to Clarice's ancestral home in Tattman Township, North Dakota near Glenburn. Jim and Clarice worked daily at the business well into the 1980's.  

After attending a prestigious floral design school in Denver, CO, Jennifer opened the original floral shop " Lowe's Garden Corner" in the Town and Country Shopping Center.   A second location was added three years later at Gateway Mall in Bismarck, ND.  In 1983, a new facility was built on the property of Lowe's Gardens.  This flagship store housed a full service florist, a garden center featuring statues, fountains, garden chemicals and houseplant care chemicals.  It also was home to the offices of the newly formed corporation. In the mid 1990's both mall stores were rolled back into the expanded and remodeled flagship store.

As a division of the business, Lowe's Floral has served Minot, ND and surrounging communities including Minot AFB, Surrey, Burlington, Velva, Glenburn and others for more than 30 years. As a full service florist, Lowe's has created artistic designs for Event Weddings, local businesses, parties, events, and visiting European Royalty.  We are proud to offer the highest quality fresh flowers, unique containers, and professional service. 

The division was currently managed by James L. Lowe, AIFD, CFD, who passed away in 2018, who was one of only two Certified Floral Designers and Accredited In Floral Design artists in North Dakota.  He worked to expand the market reach, online presence, and design style.  He was proud to be the fourth generation of the Lowe family to live and work in Minot, ND.



Lowe's Garden Center and Floral

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