Hydroturf is a sprayed on mixture of wood mulch pulp, grass seed and fertilizer.  It germinates faster and retains water next to the seed better than grass seed alone.  Lowe's can level the lot or spray directly onto prepared ground.  The green color is the tint added to the wood mulch to allow the applicator to see where they have sprayed.




  1. Remove all existing vegetation (unwanted grasses, weeds, etc.) You can strip out the unwanted vegetation with a bobcat, shovel, or you can spray with round up. Spraying may have to be done 2-3 times in order to get a good kill. Spraying one to two weeks apart. Make sure to read and follow the label.

  2. Remove rocks larger than 1 ½” in diameter. Smaller rocks do not hurt anything and will disappear as they get pressed into the soil and the grass grows around them.

  3. Install black dirt. For new yards, a minimum of 4 inches is required to establish a new lawn. For existing yards, install the black dirt to fill the low areas or the areas where you removed unwanted vegetation and you need to get it up to grade. You don’t need to final grade the black dirt just yet. All you need to do is rough it in and get it close to grade.

  4. Install a Sprinkler System? A sprinkler system can make lawn establishment a breeze. We would recommend it, or you must drag a hose around for 3-6 weeks to establish your lawn, watering 4-5 times per day. For smaller yards it is no big deal and not hard to manage. See Hydroturf Care sheet for watering information.

  5. Till or loosen the soil ¾” deep. This can be done with a rake (and a lot of elbow grease) or a rototiller, or a soil conditioner attachment on a bobcat. Do not till any deeper or your lawn will end up very lumpy and difficult to mow.

  6. Rake out the high spots and low spots. Use a rake and do this by hand. You could hook up a drag behind a four wheeler or lawn tractor. Get it close to final grade.

  7. Spread grass seed 5-10 lbs per 1,000 sq ft. Use a good quality seed for our area. Make sure to get the kind that will work for your yard. Full Sun/Shady/Sun and Shade/Drought Tolerant. You can do this by hand, but a rotary fertilizer spreader works great to get an even distribution of the seed.

  8. Now is the time to final grade. Raking in the grass seed you just spread, covering it with a little soil. You can rake it in by hand or hookup a drag behind a four wheeler or lawn tractor. Using both applications would probably be necessary in larger yards.

  9. Have Lowe’s Garden Center hydroturf your yard. This is a wood cellulose fiber mixed with seed and a starter fertilizer. This helps retain water to keep the seed moist, prevents wind and water erosion. It also provides a blanket protection to protect the young seeds.