Container Gardening

Lowe’s offers a full service container gardening program. Who doesn’t love crazy gorgeous containers outside of their home or business? Whether you are working with our pots or your pot, big or small containers from succulents to shade plants we can customize your containers to fit you’re surrounding and your personal taste! So for a one on one professional container gardening experience stop down or give us a call 701.839.2000 or email Happy Planting!!!!



Pallet Gardening

            So for all you slightly obsessive Pinterest junkies you more than likely have seen pallet gardening. Well we have taken it to a whole new level, from ones that hang to free standing pallet ladders. Planted with succulents, or a nice arrangement of beautiful houseplant pallets are the latest trend in gardening. We plan on doing more with pallets this year and we do offer a pallet planting program where we do the work for you!


Veggies, Annuals, Perennials, Houseplants & Water Plants

            Not just hundreds but thousands of different varieties, from the usual’s such as petunias and marigolds to the tropical oasis plants. The greenhouse sales floor offers many choices for hobby gardeners, veggie gardeners or the container gardener. The Lowe’s staff is built with many years of experience and knowledge to assist you in your everyday gardening questions, watering, light conditions, pest management, disease identification,