As a second home to our communities elders, Lowe's Flroral delivers birthday bouquets, get well wishes, Christmas and Easter bouquets and seasonal blooming and green plants to our friends and neibors living the assisted living facilities serving the Minot, ND community, including Brentmoore Assisted Living, Edgewood Vista, Emerald Court, Sommerset Courty, The View, and The Wellington.  Other living facilities include the Milton Young Towers and the Henry Towers.  There are also four major nursing homes around the Minot area including Trinity Homes, Manor Care, Granville Elder Care, and Valley View Assisted Living.  Lowe's Floral serves all of these facilities with daily delivery of fresh flowers, blooming plants, green plants, dish gardens, permanent boutanicals (silk arrangements) and more. 

Lowe's Floral offers daily delivery service to the following Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes in the Minot, ND area:

Brentmoore Assited Living 
 3515 10th St SW, Minot, ND‎ 
(701) 839-3320
Edgewood Vista
800 16th Ave SE, Minot, ND
(701) 852-1399
Emerald Court
520 28th Ave SE, Minot, ND
(701) 858-9767
Henry Towers
1000 2nd St SE, Minot, ND‎ 
(701) 839-9295
 600 Main St S, Minot, ND
(701) 852-1255
Milton Young Tower
  1000 2nd St SE, Minot, ND
(701) 839-9295

 Semmen Assisted Living

 700 33rd Ave SW, Minot, ND‎ 
 (701) 852-4920
Somerset Court
1900 28th St, Minot, ND‎ 
 (701) 838-4500
Trinity Homes
305 8th Ave NE, Minot, ND‎ 
(701) 857-5800
The View
  2905 Elk Dr, Minot, ND
(701) 852-7700
The Wellington
  601 24th Ave SW, Minot, ND
(701) 858-9800

In the Granville, ND area:

Granville Elder Care
5585 9th Ave N. Granville, ND
(701) 728-6618  

 And in the Velva, ND area:

Valley View Assited Living
 302 Main St S, Velva, ND‎ 
 (701) 338-2727