Lowe's Garden Center would like to inform you, our customer, of the following policies:


Substitution Policy

Lowe's Garden Center prides itself on stocking only the highest quality plants as well as gift items available.  From time to time it may be necessary to make minor alterations to maintain the color scheme or feeling of the gift you have selected. Rest assured, if you ordered a premium blooming azalea plant and one wasn't available, Lowe's Garden Center's Customer Service Team would try to contact you by all available means to help you select an alternative product.  For "designer's choice" products, the highest quality item in the product category you select will be chosen for you.



Lowe's Garden Center understands that circumstances change and sometimes it's necessary to cancel an order.  Lowe's is happy to accomodate cancellation requests based on the following:

Cancellation is always possible for designers choice and non special order items for future delivery dates.  Cancellation of a designers choice or non special order item for same day delivery is possible if delivery has not already been attempted.  Cancellation of a special order item or volume discount purchase can only be made if the order can be cancelled with our vendor; if the special order item has already been shipped by our vendors or has already arrived in our store, cancellation is not possible.  Wedding and Event plants have a separate policy. 

For more information please call us at the Lowe's Garden Center Hotline at 701/839-2000.



Forms of Payment

Lowe's Garden Center can accept all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Discover (Novus), and American Express) on its website for convenient and secure online shopping 24/7.  We also accept credit cards over the phone by calling us at the Lowe's Garden Center Hotline 701/839-2000.

If you prefer to pay in cash, via check or on a house account, please stop by our store at 1640 4th Ave NW, Minot, ND 58703.  We are Just West of the State Fair Center.

House Account

Lowe's Garden Center is pleased to offer House Accounts to their clients.  Please contact our Business Office for the terms and conditions of House Charge Accounts at Lowe's Garden Center.  Call us at 701-839-2000 for more information.

Gift Cards

Lowe's Garden Center offers gift cards in any amount.  They can be used in person in any department of our store including the Greenhouse, Garden Center, Giftware/Houseplants, or Nursery. They can not be redeemed at our remote locations. The most common amounts are available on our website.  Click Here to order, or for other amounts or more information please contact us by phone at 701-839-2000 to order or inquire.  Gift Cards are considered the same as cash and cannot be replaced if lost or stolen


Delivery Policy

Delivery Areas

Lowe's Garden Center delivers same day for all orders in by 2:00PM Central Time to the following towns and communities:  Minot, Minot AFB (Minot Air Force Base).  As well as Burlington, Deering, Des Lacs, Granville, Glenburn, Ruthville, Sawyer, Surrey, and Velva.

Not Home, Hospital Discharge, Closed Business

When a recipient is not at home, Lowe's Garden Center attempts to do the following:  at apartments, condos and private homes, our Delivery Coordinator will attempt to find a neighbor to leave the item with, then leave a written and telephone message with the recipient with the time, date and location of the delivery.  If no one is around to accept the delivery the Delivery Coordinator will call and leave a message or voicemail as well as a written tag on the door asking the individual to call us and arrange a convenient time.  For patients discharged from the hospital, Lowe's Garden Center will contact you for more information.  If a recipient is at a business address or school and has left for the day or the facility is closed, the Delivery Coordinator will first try to find a home address for the recipient or then a time when the business reopens or when the recipient will be back at work or at school.  A convenient delivery time will then be arranged.  The Delivery Coordinator may need to contact you via all available means for more information.


Lowe's Garden Center makes every effort to honor requested delivery times.  First priority is given to wedding and funeral deliveries.  For expedited delivery service, within three hours of your order, please choose the Priority Delivery Service option on your order.  We regret that during high order volume periods such as floral holidays, time deliveries cannot be guaranteed.  Occasionally, inclement weather prevents delivery service.  You will be notified by all available means if your delivery time cannot be acomodated due to weather.


The Lowe's Garden Center Guarantee

Lowe's Garden Center strives for customer satisfaction on all order placed on our website, by phone or in person at our store.  In the event that there is an issue with a gift received, kindly notify us of any product issues within 24 hours and a Lowe's Floral Customer Service Team Member will assist you.   Some basic information will be gathered to identify your order, then a Team Member will help make product alterations or replacements in a timely manner.