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Lowe's Floral will weather wrap bouquets and live plants to protect them from inclement weather when the temperature is below 35 degrees Farenheit.  The ideal is to create a miniature greenhosue around the flowers and plants to keep their climate stable during transport.  This is why Lowe's Floral's flowers and plants last so much longer than anyone else's.

  • Please note that when you transport life plants or fresh flowers you shoudl treat the like pets or infants. 
  • Never leave fresh flowers or live plants in an unheated or airconditioned car for any length of time. 
  • Never transport fresh flowers or live plants to or from an unheated building or car without proper wrapping.

Flowers sold at big box stores are never wrapped for winter.  Flowers that are "direct shipped" or "farm fresh to your door" are not sent in climate controlled vehicles.  The only way to guarantee fresh flowers for delivery during the winter months is to buy from a real local florist.