Flower: Meaning

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Acacia: chaste love, elegance
Achillea: war
African marigold: vulgar mind
Alyssum: worth beyond belief
Allium: unity
Amaranth: immortality, unfading love
Amaryllis: splendid beauty, pride
Anemone: anticipation, forsaken
Angelica: inspiration
Aster: variety
Azalea: temperance
Baby's Breath: pure heart, innocence
Bachelor's Buttons: single blessedness
Balsam: impatience
Begonia: dark thoughts
Bells of Ireland: whimsy
Calla: magnificent beauty, elegance
Carnation: bonds of love, admiration, distinction
Chrysanthemum: sharing, love, truth, long life, friendship
Cineraria: ever bright
Clematis: inner/mental beauty
Clover: think of me
Columbine: folly, anxious and trembling
Coreopsis: always cheerful
Crocus: youthful gladness
Cyclamen: different
Daffodil: chivalry, regard, respect, gracefulness
Dahlia: gratitude, dignity, instability
Daisy: innocence, simplicity, loyalty, cheer
Dandelion: oracle
Delphinium: heavenly sweetness, beauty
Dogwood: durability
Forget-me-not: true love
Foxglove: wishes do come true, insincerity
Freesia: innocence, calm passionate love, trust
French marigold: jealousy
Fuchsia: taste
Gardenia: joy, secret love, honor
Geranium: comfort, preference, steadfast
Gladiolus: strength of character
Gloxinia: proud spirit
Goldenrod: encouragement, precaution
Heather: wishes come true, admiration
Heliotrope: devotion
Hibiscus: delicate beauty
Hyacinth: play, loveliness
Hydrangea: devotion, boastful, remembrance
Iris: promise, message
Ivy: fidelity, royalty
Jasmine: amiability
Lantana: rigour
Larkspur: attachment, levity
Lavender: luck, success, happiness, healing
Lilac: new love, youthful innocence, humility
Lily: fath, new beginnings, happiness
Lily of the Valley: return to happiness
Lobelia: honor
Lupine: voraciousness
Magnolia: sweetness, dignity
Marigold: uneasiness, grief, dispair
Narcissus: egotism
Nasturtium: patriotism
Orchid: lust, magnificence, mystery
Pansy: loving thoughts
Peony: shame, bashful beauty
Petunia: never despair
Phlox: unanimity
Poppy: silence, consolation
Primrose: early youth, sadness
Ranunculus: richly attractive, radiant charm
Rose - Burgundy: unconcious beauty
Rose - Coral: desire
Rose - Cream: richness
Rose - Lavender: love at first sight
Rose - Orange: fascination, desire
Rose - Peach: modesty
Rose - Light Pink: grace, beauty, joy, admiration
Rose - Dark Pink: thankfulness, flirtation
Rose - Red: deep love, passion, respect
Rose - Red and White: unity
Rose - Red and Yellow: Congratulations
Rose - White: unity, purity, innocence, secrecy
Rose - Yellow: friendship, gladness, freedom, hope, joy
Rudbeckia: justice
Salvia: I think of you, forever yours
Scabiosa: unfortunate love
Shamrock: light heartedness
Snapdragon: dazzling beauty
Sunflower: adoration, power, loyalty
Sweet Pea: blissful, lasting delicate pleasures
Sweet William: gallantry
Syringa: memory
Tulip: perfect lovers, happy years, love declared
Verbena: sensibility
Veronica: fidelity
Water Lily: purity of heart
Zinnia: thoughts of absent friends