Locally Grown Poinsettias

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Lowe's Garden Center and Floral grows poinsettias from cuttings every year for Christmas.  Unlike poinsettias that are shipped in by truck, Lowe's poinsettias are grown, handled and wrapped for delivery at the ideal temperature to ensure that they arrive alive and healthy to your home, your business or to your friends and family.  Poinsettias from other florists and especially from big box stores are not treated well and never arrive in perfect condition.

Lowe's Floral and Garden Center in Minot, ND delivers poinsettias!   Delivery service to the following areas and zip codes in North Dakota:  58705, 58722, 58703, 58785, 58704, 58702, 58790, 58707, 58701, 58704, 58705.

Poinsettias can be delivered to the following areas in North Dakota: Minot and Minot AFB, and the following cities: Burlington, Logan, Des Lacs, Surrey, Velva, and Sawyer.