Fresh Cut Christmas Trees

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Lowe's Nursery Department has a large selection of fresh cut Christmas Trees.  These lush full Christmas Trees are brought in late in November so they last beautifully for Christmas!  Lowe's offers FREE Christmas Tree delivery in Minot and to selected surrounding communities like Surrey, Burlington and the Minot Air Force Base.  Fresh cut Christmas trees also come in FREE travel netting.  If you have your own stand, you can bring it in and we will install your Christmas Tree stand for FREE.  Lowe's Nursery Department also has Christmas tree stands available for purchase!



Lowe's Floral and Garden Center in Minot, ND provides Christmas Tree  delivery service to the following areas and zip codes in North Dakota:  58705, 58722, 58703, 58785, 58704, 58702, 58790, 58707, 58701, 58704, 58705.

The Lowe's Floral and Garden Center delivers to the immediate Minot area. We also deliver to the Minot Air Force Base Mondays through Saturdays.

Trees can be delivered to the following areas in North Dakota: Minot and Minot AFB, and the following cities: Burlington, Logan, Des Lacs, Surrey, Velva, and Sawyer.